Commercial and Domestic SOLAR Power Solutions

Clancy Corporation are specialists in the development and installation of both domestic and large scale commercial Solar Grid Connect Systems.  
Generating your own electricity via solar can generate significant savings during daylight hours vs buying the electricity from a power company. 

When you add in the environmental benefits, solar can be an attractive option for both businesses and consumers for supplementing grid sourced power. 

Clancy Corporation utilises specialist engineers, electricians and installers for our solar systems. We only use the best parts and proven technologies to ensure clients obtain reliable, ongoing and effective solar power. Quality brands and products we work with include LG Chem, SolaxPower battery systems and AMA standalone systems. We maintain the highest possible standard at all times, exceeding basic government and industry requirements to lead the way in accessible solar energy options.

Presently, our Solar team is QLD based and provide domestic solar solutions along with industrial solar and commercial solar to the Mt Isa community, Cloncurry and surrounding region. 

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