Redilight Skyfixtures™ - LED Skylight Alternative

Clancy Corporation are now installing Redilight Solar Powered Lighting Systems.

This clever Skylight Alternative is more adaptable and less obtrusive than old-fashioned skylights.  It captures free energy from the sun to efficiently power the smart solar powered lighting system that brightens dark spaces in the home and office without compromising on style.

This innovative and smart lighting solution complements the design and décor of modern Australia.  It is also energy-efficient and delivers the green credentials and money-saving benefits of solar power with the reliability and modern feel of high-quality light.

Redilight skylight alternatives connect a single solar panel to a Skyfixture to overcome the challenges of multi-level dwellings, complex roof lines and shadows that traditional skylights simply cannot handle.  This means that it is more adaptable and less obtrusive than old-fashioned tubular skylights.

Redilight’s extensive range of commercial skylight alternatives are the innovative lighting solution for organisations of all types and sizes.  Whether it is energy-efficient lighting open-planned offices, industrial work spaces, community halls, storage spaces or high-traffic communal areas – more Australian business are discovering Redilight is the smart lighting choice.

For more information on when Clancy Corporation can install your new Redilight please call us on (07) 4743 0802 or fill-in the form and we will get back to you.

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