How much will it cost?

With 18 Months Interest Free available you won't believe how cheap it is to install a new solar hybrid AC system.  Find out exactly how much it costs for the ac unit, solar panels and installation below.

Why install a hybrid Solar air conditioning systems?

In a hot country like Australia air conditioning is a must at work and at home.  Yet people don't use them because their running costs are so high.

What if you air conditioner was free to run?

The newest innovation in air conditioning is hybrid solar and off-grid air conditioners.  These state of the art units are free to run whenever the sun is shining - which is when you need it the most.  With the choice of a battery or non-battery system these air conditioners cost only a fraction more than traditional systems to purchase and install but cost up to 97% less to run annually saving you $100s every year.

These purpose built DC solar air conditioners are able to operate in temperatures ranging from -10 ̊C to +52 ̊C.  That is almost 20 ̊C wider operating range than most other systems which stop cooling when the ambient temperature reaches 45 ̊C. They use eco-friendly R410a refrigerant gas and many states offer rebates on the solar panels installed for the unit – essentially covering the cost of the panels.

But wait- there's more! These clever air conditioners are able to use their independent DC solar panels when it is sunny or,  if it is a cloudy day, they switch to grid power. They can be completely off-grid with new DC panels to protect people with high solar feed-in tariffs or can be installed solar ready without solar panels for people who want to install panels later and use grid power now. 

In fact, these new split systems have 70% less running costs than traditional air conditioners.  Our data below shows that in a test in Mt Isa between a traditional 5Kw Daiken (red) air conditioner serviced to be running efficiently and a 5Kw hybrid solar system (yellow) both set at 25deg the solar system saves $400 a year in running costs if run 24/7. If run day time only the savings are more. 

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