WiFi Home Security and Connected Lighting

Clancy is pleased to be partnering with Evolt so that they can now install Atom Lighting with WiZ Connected technology.  This is a very exciting initiative which supports Clancy’s commitment to delivering the most advanced smart lighting and electrical technology to residents and businesses across QLD.

Why Wiz Pro?

  • 1. This new technology allows you to connect fixtures and lamps to the internet via WiFi without the need for a hub – no hub needed.
  • 2. It lets you supervise manage and control up to 10,000 lights in multiple locations.
  • 3. It provides preventive maintenance, consumption monitoring and sensor management for added peace of mind.
  • 4. Allows secure management of different end user profiles and the ability to grant them individual access to the monitoring and management app.
  • 5. Uses Bluetooth for data collected from beacons and sensors so you can consolidate your analytics related to light usage, people, places and time.

The Wiz Smart Lighting System Does It All

For more information fill in the form below and one of the Clancy team will contact you to answer all your questions about installing a Wiz system or Smart Security system at your home or work.


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