100kw Grid Connect Solar Solution - Behind The Scenes

Creating Energy For Your Business With Solar

Clancy Corporation is a commercial solar specialist. In 2015, Dave Clancy from Clancy Corporation designed and installed a 100kw grid connect solar solution to power a large building in Cairns Queensland. In the video below, Dave Clancy takes us for a behind the scenes tour of the 100kw control room as well as taking us up onto the roof to join one of the Clancy Corporation team undertaking maintenance on the solar panels themselves.

Clancy Corporation provides end to end commercial solar solutions to assist our clients in producing cost-effective clean energy to power their businesses and improve their bottom line. Give us a call for an obligation free chat on (07) 4743 0802

‘We can create a solution for your business by evaluating your power needs and tailoring a solar solution to match your exact requirements and budget’.

100kw Solar System Installation Overview

The 100kw of solar panels on the roof is converted to usable energy by 6 x 17kw SMA Inverters which is in turn managed by a cluster controller. The entire system can be monitored remotely via a computer connected to a solar power maintenance interface.

Click the link (https://www.sunnyportal.com/FixedPages/Dashboard.aspx)  to login to an example solar interface and explore all aspects of a working solar system.

Information provided includes: 

  • PV System Overview

  • PV System Profile

  • Current Status

  • Energy Balance

  • Annual Comparison

  • PV System Monitoring

  • Analysis Pro

'Dust and dirt on your panels can reduce efficiency and output by around 5%'. 

If you are a business with medium to high power requirements during the day, have an obligation free chat with Dave Clancy from Clancy Corporation to review how a solar panel installation could provide clean, cost-effective energy and help make your business more profitable.

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