Normanton Solar Farm

Project Budget: $9 Million   |   Delivery Time: 6 Months   |  Man Hours Spent:  50,000

Project Details: The Normanton Solar farm project is a 5-megawatt farm that provides the towns of Normanton and Karumba, and the cattle stations of the Carpentaria Shire with all the clean, green power they need during daylight hours. This 16,000 panel ground mounted solar project was brought to completion by Doug Scouller - the visionary for delivering this landmark installation.  Clancy Corporation was engaged as a project partner to assist with the installation and wiring of 10ha of solar panels. Being located in the gulf of Carpentaria created many challenges including intense weather and exposure to the elements.

Lyn Scouller, communications officer for the solar project recalls. 

'We needed some help with the electrical work. There was a lot of DC power that needed to be put in - Dave Clancy brought two of his team up 600km from Mt Isa (which is local to us) and helped to wire up all the DC wiring and all the strings for each panel. It was very hot and dusty work - the boys were just champions. One time I had to run down town and buy fly nets to go over their faces - they couldn't see what they were doing for the flies in their eyes'.

Normanton Solar Farm went online in December 2017 and Clancy Corporation is proud to have been a part of this project.

Clancy Corporation Solar team leader Dave Clancy says, 

'To bring a project of this size to completion is a team effort. It is an outstanding achievement and a credit to Doug and Lyn Scouller and everyone involved.'

Solar farm Aerial photo by John Brisbin used with permission from Normanton Solar Project

Visionary Doug Scouller