When Are We Visiting Your Area Next?

Out new branch manager, Clint, will be regularly visiting regions in North West Queensland. We will update our social media to inform you of where he will be and around when. If you require a quote or work done get in contact with us and we will put you in our calendar.

Clancy's Cocktail Evening

Our Mount Isa crew enjoyed a night of indulgence recently when they attended our Clancy cocktail party. We like to celebrate our team's hard work and dedication whenever we can. Clancy Corp couldn’t be prouder of how positive we’ve all stayed during the uncertain times we’ve all faced in the past months.

Pesky Ants In Switchboards - What You'll See And What You Can Do

Recently we have found many customers have had an issue with ants invading their electrical componentry. We have compiled some information to help you not only know why this could be an issue but also what to look for and what to do if you are concerned. Pesky ants in switchboards - What you'll see and what you can do First, why is an ant invasion a problem for your electrical equipment? Ants are attracted to electricity, Why? you ask. That’s something we are yet to find an answer for. However, ants can cause damage to electrical equipment for two reasons;

1. They chew through the wires and then get electrocuted which can
eventually cause a short-circuit and
2. Ants build nests by tracking in soil which brings with it moisture, in turn
this can cause corrosion to appliances and electrical components, again this
can result in a short-circuit.

If you see any signs of ants in your electrical componentry it is best to
engage a pest specialist to spray your home, otherwise if the ant invasion is
contained you can purchase and install a domestic ant deterrent from your
local hardware store

If you experience an electrical fault due to an ant invasion it is best to first safely switch off all power to your premises, call a pest specialist and engage us to assess the damage and carry out any repairs. We hope these suggestions keep you ant free this summer or in the very least keep you calm in the face of your unwanted ant invasion – rest assured we are only a phone call away for help.

Have you met some of newest team members?

Position at Clancy Corp:

Estimating and Procurement Manager

First job:

Fun fact! Gordon has a background in refrigeration and wholesaling as well.
Someone famous you'd like to meet?
Donald Trump
Recent good read:
Barefoot Investor
Favourite Quote
What you put into your job is what you get back out of it.

Position At Clancy Corp:


You'll catch Tahlia at our front desk.

First job


Someone famous you'd like to meet?

Kevin Hart

If you could pick up a new skill in an instant what would it be?

I wish I could dance.

Favourite Quote

You should never regret anything because at the time it's exactly what you wanted

"You don't have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step"

- Martin Luther King, Jr.

Mining air con install

We are specialists in all kinds of air conditioning, from installs to maintenance and repairs. Recently our technicians were busy doing a pretty major mining install, which included running all new pipe work and cables to major HVAC units. These units were to keep the substations at the optimum temperature while the lifecycle replacements were being completed.

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