Ceiling Fan Upgrade 

Ceiling fans upgraded after 25 years 

Referred to Clancy Corporation by a friend, when they had trouble booking an electrician, Marietta and John wanted to make some small updates to their 100 year old home. 


‘ The fans are over 20 years old and I can't clean them any more!’ said Marietta

With beautiful high ceilings in Marietta's character filled home, the fans were certainly difficult to reach but in fact, the light in the living room fan has stopped working over a year ago. Getting a good deal on some new fans, Marietta decided it was time to call an electrician and was referred to Clancy Corporation by her son in law.

Two electricians were around within the week.  They got busy removing 4 tired old ceiling fans before putting together and installing the new fans. The Clancy team also replaced six old power-points and installed a new powerpoint for John's powered recliner which removed a trip hazard in the form of an extension lead powering the chair from an adjoining room. 

 Marietta decided to freshen up the walls with some new switches which were very old and worn and the end result speaks for itself.  The great news was Clancy's electricians were able to make use of all exisiting wiring which saved a LOT of time and made the upgrades more affordable. 

'The existing wiring saved us a lot of time and saved Marietta and John money'. 

Don't put up with worn out switches, energy hungry tungsten lights, limited power points and unsafe switchboards, give Clancy Corporation a call today.